New COVID-19 related protocols.

Subject to Oregon State regulations or recommendations by the CDC our COVID-19 strategy as of May 2, 2020 is a follows:

    • Kokanee Inn has been voluntarily closed along with other lodging in the county to help thwart the virus’ spread. 
    • As a family we have been carefully social distancing and isolating.
    • We have cleaned and disinfected the Inn from top to bottom.
    • We are implementing an enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocol based on CDC guidelines.
    • Hand sanitizer and paper towels are provided as an option in all bathrooms.
    • In the kitchen we are implementing applicable CDC restaurant guidelines, in addition to the Oregon Health requirements for B&Bs.
    • Check in is hands free – we don’t handle your payment card.
    • Current state regulations do not allow serving meals in the main lounge. As soon as that constraint is lifted, we will still optimize social distancing opportunities with expanded breakfast service from 7:30 to 9:30 and guests may enjoy eating in the main lounge, one of three outdoor dining areas (complete with mountain view and outdoor heater), or choose to take a tray to their rooms. 
    • Kokanee Inn is reducing our 10-day cancellation policy to 48 hours for any reservations cancelled due to COVID 19.  We want our guests current and future to book reservations without worry.

Wallowa County values your visit.  Our local businesses and community have been carefully following state guidelines to ensure that the county remains a safe, healthy place to visit and enjoy.

We look forward to your stay this summer.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, or want some advance travel planning ideas. Follow Kokanee Inn on Facebook or @KokaneeInn on Instagram for updates.